Are you feeling:
  • Frustrated?
  • Lost?
  • Worried?
  • Anxious?
  • Angry?
  • Resentful?
  • Afraid?
  • Abandoned?
  • Like a failure?
Dr. Lorna Minewiser
I proudly use Energy Psychology strategies customized to my client and their issues.   I have 1000s of hours of education and experience, so I can help you achieve your coaching goals.

Are you ready to release these feelings and rediscover your joy, peace and happiness?

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These are some of the techniques we might use in an Energy Coaching session, tailored to your needs.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotion Codes/Body Code

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Also known as EFT or Tapping . Learn EFT Tapping
We tap on specific points on the meridian system while focusing on the issue you want to release or change.  Read more here Learn EFT/Tapping
The Emotion  and Body Codes system are also meridian based, but the technique is very different.  For more information  Read this . Emotion and Body Codes
The Healing Codes

Energy Coaching

Energy Coaching programs  combine these techniques and others to help you transform your life.  Weekly and Monthly sessions available.
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The Healing Codes  address the negative images, beliefs and memories that cause us stress and distress.

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Energy Psychology with Dr. Lorna
Radio show and Web broadcast archives
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Workshops, Training and Mentoring
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EFT Mentoring

Trauma Tapping Technique 

Tapping  Points

 Want to learn more about Tapping, Stress Reduction, Personality Type Preferences, Parenting, Relationshops, Learning Styles, or Energy Psychology?

 Dr. Lorna  offers presentations, classes and workshops on a variety of topics both online and in Sacramento CA or in your location.   Sign up to receive notifications for upcoming workshops or contact Lorna to discuss a presentation or workshop that meets your organizations needs.