Trauma Tapping Technique

First Aid for Tension and Trauma

From The Peaceful Heart Network:
"Every trauma is personal and unique. Symptoms of trauma can remain and/or appear over 15 years after an incident. Trauma symptoms include feelings of fear, lack of hope, depression, nightmares, anxiety, aggression…
TTT is simple, efficient, free and reality proven. The Peaceful Heart Network has seen results with thousands of victims of genocide, abuse, war and personal traumas.

You can learn it in an hour. You can use it for yourself and others. It can take less than 20 minutes to create small or lifelong changes.

Please note that this is not a replacement of traditional therapy or medication – it is a powerful door opener from the frozen state of trauma."

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​"TTT is a method for eliminating a “fight and flight” response conditioned to a disturbing thought, feeling or memory.
By flooding the thalamus/amygdala with 2 competing sets of sensory data, one being the unwanted conditioned emotional response (bad feeling) and the other being the tapping, it is possible to totally and permanently extinguish the unwanted emotional response."
​​Read the powerful story of the work that The Peaceful Heart Network is doing around the world. 
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I am proud to be certified as a TTT practitioner and to teach and share this wonderful first aid technique. 
I am available to share it with schools, groups organizations and individually.
This is a Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) song written by Ulf Sandström, tapping led by Gunilla Hamne and performed by Future Vision Acrobats in Gisenyi for the Peaceful Heart Network. Follow the instructions to learn the treatment.