My Pricing

You will have a variety of choices for the types and amount of coaching with Dr. Minewiser.

Energy Coaching

$120.00 an hour or 3 hour package for $325.00

We will use a variety of techniques to address your issue.  Each session is customized to your needs and can include Matrix Reimprinting as well as EFT and Emotion or Healing Codes. 

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Healing Codes  Coaching

$120.00 hour

Sessions may be between 10-20 minutes as I energy test to find your custom code for you to use between sessions.  For more information go here.

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Emotion and Body Codes Coaching

$120.00 an hour

Sessions range from 20-60 minutes. During the call I energy test to see what trapped emotions are affecting your issue.  We release them using the Emotion Code system.  Go here for more information

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Independence Day Special

To schedule appointments please go to my online scheduler. Click the button.
You can easily see my  available times and the type of appointment you wish.  Plus you can pay here with Paypal.