The Healing Codes

What is the source of   any health, success or relationship issue?  According to cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton,  it is stress.  What causes the stress? It is the destructive  images storedin our cellular memories as an energy pattern,   A disruption in our energy field can be traced back to a destructive image.  The Healing Code Dr. Alex Loyd, p. 111.

The Healing Codes
You probably came to this page because you heard a teleseminar or presentation on the Healing Codes and you want to know more.  You may already have purchased the Healing Codes package or the book and want more individual help. Or perhaps you're curious and want to just "try out" a Healing code before you invest further.

Healing Codes coaching is unlike any other type of coaching.  One of my main purposes as a Healing Codes Practitioner is to 'find' the custom code positions for the issue that you are holding in mind while we are on the call.  I use  a form of "non-local testing" to see how long you should do the code and what "Truth Focus statements" to use while you're doing the code.   You might choose a custom streaming code session in which I do the code with you.  These sessions are usually longer.  I may then create a "code to go" for you to continue with until the next session. You will need to do the codes during the time between sessions. You might spend anywhere from 6 to 15 minutes a day, and some people spend an hour or so or even more depending on how quickly they want to heal their issue.
As you will hear over and over, the Healing Codes do not cure diseases, they address the cellular memories which affect our bodies, our energy system and our health.  When toxic memories are healed, the cells can go into growth mode and the immune system can function more effectively. 

We often refer to the "Issues of the Heart" or "pictures of the heart": These are the known and unknown memories that affect how we understand the world and our place in it.  I created the "Heart Issues Finder" with Dr.. Loyd and Tom Costello to help people identify what these issues are so that they can be addressed with the Healing Codes.  You can take the Heart Issues Finder for free and you will get a report that tells you how you scored in each of the 12 Healing Codes Categories and  gives you information about each category.

I have been a Healing Codes Coach foralmost 15 years.  I was in the first group of coaches trained by Dr. Loyd and Dr. Johnson.  In 2003 I was one of the trainers at a live training session that included Mark Victor Hansen, coauthor with Jack Canfield of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books. He  endorses the Healing Codes.  He writes: "Dr. Alex Loyd has the defining healing technology in the world today - It (the Healing Codes) will revolutionize health. It is the easiest way to get well, and stay well, fast. Dr. Loyd may very well be the Albert Schweitzer of our time."

Click the image to take the Heart Issues Finder.
Mark Victor Hansen and I with an "Energy Ball" at the Healing Codes Training seminar in 2003.
The Relationship Codes
  The Relationship Codes use unseen energy to remove unknown and unseen things that may be causing harm to your relationships with people, whether personal or professional.  Those unknown and unseen things we call “pictures of the heart.”
According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, physiological and emotional stress is caused by deeply held wrong beliefs about our circumstances and our self. These wrong beliefs cause us to misinterpret our circumstances as threatening, when in actuality they are not, and this causes internal stress. These beliefs are often unconscious, so we may not even be aware that we are acting on our “programming, rather than reason.
…a [Healing or Relationship] Code heals by changing the underlying destructive energy pattern or frequency of a destructive image to a healthy one.
The Relationship Code system uses 12 codes and each addresses one of the 12 categories of core spiritual issues that affect everyone’s lives and relationships.  It also includes codes for Critical relationship categories.

The Healing Codes 2
In April 2017, Dr. Loyd was given some additional Healing Codes positions, which he calls Healing Codes 2.  These consist of Five Primary Life Codes.  Each one activates on or more of the HEaling Centers: The Brainstem, The Prefrontal Cortex, The Vagus Nerve, The Gastro-Intestinal System, and any Physical Area of Pain.  Each Primary Life Code addresses one specific aspect in healing the issues of the Heart.  They address  
1  The Negative  Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs, 
2. Illness, Disease and Dysfunction
3. Negative actions and Behaviors
4., Nonphysical pain (Mental, Emotional and Spiritual)
5. Physical Pain.

In a Healing Codes call we can find the Healing Code, Healing Code 2, or Relationship Code that you need for your issue.  I have been trained by Dr. Loyd to do "Non-local" energy testing  to find the codes combination.  My clients say that I am right on target.  It doesn't matter where you are in the world, we are connected in the energy field.. Sign up for a Healing Codes session on the Pricing and scheduling page.

On August 18, 2017 I introduced the Healing Codes to my Energy Psychology with Dr. Lorna Radio Show.  You can listen to it below. If you just want to do the custom code that we used they are  below the radio show  icon. 

News for the Soul custom code
Hold each position 10-30 seconds
Both adams apple
Left adams apple, right temple
Both bridge
Left jaw, tight temple
Left bridge, right adams apple
Both temples
Rest arms, prayer
Both adams apple
Left jaw, right temple
Left bridge, right adams apple
Both bridge
Both adams apple
Both jaw
Both temples
Both bridge
Add heart
Bring attention awareness to heart area, breathing through that area, slowing your breathing
Bringing the feeling of gratitude into that area,
Filling your body with the feelings of gratitude
Sending it out around your body, out to someone you love, out to others on the call, out to others who need it, sending it wherever it is needed.