Emotion and Body Codes

Trapped Emotions
Emotions serve an important purpose in our lives.  They are meant to be experienced in response to an external or internal event. If, for some reason, you are unable to release the emotions, they becme trapped.  Emotions are jst energy , like everything else. Another way of thinking about emotions is Energy in motion. Trapped emotions  can cause a distortion in our energy field and can lead to distress and even illness.
During our Emotion Code session I can help you find and release trapped emotions.  This can be life changing.

Josie had many trapped emotions  that we released to help her recover from withdrawal from Narco addiction.  She could only release a few at a time so we had many short sessions. She says her life has changed dramatically.

Fred likes doing the Emtion Code process because he doesn't have to tell me what emotions he has, we find it through  the energy testing and release it.
Do you have a "Heart Wall?"
Almost everyone does.  We create a Heart-Wall full of trapped emotions around our heart to protect us from  being hurt.   As Dr. Bradley Nelson says: " The Heart-Wall, crated by the sub-conscious mind, is also made of energy.  It just happens to be made of a specific sort of energfy, the energy of trapped emotions. .... When you have a Heart-Wall, you are not able to give love asd well as you might, because that love-energy that uis in your heart cannot get out as well."  The Emotion Code . pgs. 240 & 254

Carrie released the heart wall that had been created in her childhood by growing up with a distant father  and added to in her marriage to a very cold man. Her Heart-Wall was made of titanium and was 5400" feet high.  It took 4 sessions as we released abandoment, resentment, anger, sorrow, and many other hurt feelings. For the pst few years whe has been in a great realtionship with a loving, caring man and they are talking about marriage.
The Body Code
"6 Types of Imbalance are the Root of All Ills
The body and mind can become imbalanced in these 6 different key areas, resulting in all manner of problems for you. When you have balance in the 6 areas, the result is that you have good health, abundant wealth and happy relationships. The Body Code helps you address and correct in balances in all 6 areas.
We Can Use The Body Code to Restore Health by Removing Imbalances
Any issue you can possibly have has underlying imbalances. Removing these imbalances makes it possible for the body to return to a state of perfect balance and health. The result is a disappearance of pain, fatigue, disease, depression and all manner of other symptoms! " Dr. Bradley Nelson

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